Aloha! My friends call me Kate, pleasure to meet you.


I am an artist, designer, and curious soul currently residing in Minneapolis. Recently, I said 'au revoir' to a full-time position and began forging my own path with paint brush in hand, MacBook in tow. When not in the studio pursuing freelance or passion projects, you can find me grazing on local dishes, grooving (with my two left-feet) at shows, and frolicking about town admiring botanicals.

Simply put, I view the world with a childlike curiosity and am allured by details that are often over looked. With each piece I aim to create fascination in ordinary experiences, and add a hint of whim to the everyday. As we become accustomed to what is around us, we frequently stop appreciating common beauty, believing we must go to extraordinary lengths to once again feel wonder. Through my pieces, I intend to inspire viewers to pause and reconsider the magic around us that previously appeared trivial.

Subjects whose vibrations resonate with my own on multiple levels appeal and present themselves the most to me; these are the pieces which materialize effortlessly. Before each painting session I set an intention that the painting will become whatever it needs to be, and set aside the ego of what I want the image to be. I moved to oil from acrylic paint because the fluid nature of oil is more conducive to this intuitive process.

Emboldened strokes, dreamy washes, aggressive flourishes of the palette knife - the heart, not the mind, guide these.

I have a hunger for learning and am regularly occupied with three or four books at once, taking note of enticing information along the way. Recently, I have become enchanted with how reality is created by memories. When we recall a memory, the event and emotions associated with it are stored slightly differently. Each time a memory is remembered, it is the version stored before, not the original, which is recalled. Over time, memories can become so distorted from this process they no longer resemble the original. Curiously, our perception of reality relies on past experiences, which are recorded as memories, to determine what our 'truth' is. My most recent body of work, Nostalgia, explores what is real, what is perceived and what is illusion.


Behind the Scenes

See a glimpse of my process, works in progress, and daily inspirations on my instagram @katrin_schroeder.