Commission Process

Long story short:

Yes, I accept commissioned work and would love to create something special for you! Please reach out via my contact page or the form below to discuss details.

Long story Long:

I can create a painting based on an image of your choosing, perhaps of a beloved family member, pet (it's cool, I won't tell anyone you're playing favorites) or travel destination. I can also make imagery recommendations based on the space your painting will be displayed. Before we move forward we'll discuss dimensions, any additional inspiration photos I should refer to, how textured the painting should be, pricing, etc.

Past Commissions

I šŸ’•šŸ’•šŸ’•šŸ’•šŸ’• the painting! Iā€™m feeling joy every time I look at it. In fact I moved my chair so I could be facing it whenever I sit down.
— Danielle Peterson

Pricing Estimates

(Does not include tax)

Please note: these numbers are to serve as estimates for common standard sized canvases. To get a definitive quote we will need to discuss additional details for your particular piece such as the image and what painting technique you prefer.


5"x7" $100

8"x10" $150

10"x10" $200

12"x12" $270

11"x14" $300

12"x16" $360

16"x20" $600

18"x24" $800

20"x24" $900

24"x24" $1,080

24"x30" $1,400

24"x36" $1,600

36"x48" $3,250

36"x60" $4,000

48"x72" $6,500


Handmade custom floating frames available upon request, contact for additional info.


Like what you see?

Let's create a painting!

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Commission FAQ

(Fabulously Asked Questions)


I have a photo I really love, can you paint it?

Absolutely! I can even make alterations (such as changing colors, leaving out details like earrings, etc.) and suggest additional croppings.


I want to commission a painting and don't know what i want it to look like...

It's cool, I got you. We can talk about what your initial thoughts are, likes and dislikes, and based on our conversation I can propose some potential directions we can head in. If you have images of where it will be hung we can keep that in mind, too, so it truly looks perfect in your space.


How much time do you need?

The bigger the painting, the more time it typically takes. At least a month for the smallest paintings is best to ensure enough time - paintings need time to 'breathe' in between sessions. If everything flows smoothly you will likely have your painting before the date we agree on.



Once all details are finalized a deposit of half the total cost is due before I begin the painting process. The lump sum + tax can be paid upon receiving the finished painting. I accept cash, checks, and e-invoices (venmo is totally cool too).


Do you varnish?

Yes! While varnishing is not necessary, I recommend it for several reasons. One, a varnish coating evens out the surface consistency of a painting (so it has the same amount of shine or matte rather than being spotted). Two it provides protection from dust and dirt, essentially elongating the life of your painting.

Once a painting is completely dry (it can be anywhere from 3 months to over a year depending on the thickness of paint) I can apply a protective varnish for an additional charge. The varnish process can take 24-48hrs, depending on how many coats are required.


Do you do contract work?

Yes, I happily accept commercial work as well.