Skeleton Leaves

While traveling in Chicago earlier this spring, we stumbled upon these white little leaves at a local botanical store (Sprout - it's worth a visit if you're a plant enthusiast) and found out they are, in fact, skeletons of Ficus Religiosa. Neat. I purchased several as gifts (including one for myself, because.... treat yo'self) and forgot about them until recently, when I was tidying up and it  floated out of the book I had used to safely transport it back.

Serendipitously, Autumn is in full swing and halloween is right around the corner and these little leaves subtly embody the spirit of both. If interested in getting your hands on a few yourself (and not in the Chicago area) they are available for purchase here. Apparently, they can be made by hand as well, although I can't speak to how easy this process is as I haven't given it a go yet myself.

If you decide to give it a whirl please let me know how it goes!