Aloha! My friends call me Kate, pleasure to meet you.


I am an artist, designer, and curious soul currently residing in Minneapolis. Recently, I said 'au revoir' to a full-time position and began forging my own path with paint brush in hand, MacBook in tow. When not in the studio pursuing freelance or passion projects, you can find me grazing on local dishes, grooving (with my two left-feet) at shows, and frolicking about town admiring botanicals.

Simply put, I create 'life' paintings. With each piece I aim to inspire fascination in ordinary experiences, and add a hint of whim to the everyday. As we become accustomed to our daily routines, we often stop looking for beauty, become convinced that certain things are boring or monotonous, and that we just have to suffer through them to experience the beautiful things. Through my pieces, I intend to inspire viewers to once again pause and reconsider the magic and beauty in events and experiences that may have previously seemed ordinary or dull.