Creative Direction

For Moonlight Beverage Company

Since embarking on my journey as a full-time freelance artist and designer I have concentrated my energy on projects that fully align with my values and ethics. I was lucky to cross paths with Moonlight Beverage (especially when they were still just an idea!) as they put peoples wellness first, and act with positive intention and kindness. I am now the Creative Director for Moonlight Beverage Company and it's associated brands, Love Life and Wingman AeroFitness. I created the initial branding at the birth of the company, and now advise and collaborate with the other team members to create all visual aspects of these brands, and am hands on from start to finish.

Some notable projects I have completed with them up to this date include the branding, packaging, website design, and styling on set.

Antonio Rodriguez is our jedi photographer, and a fantastic human being. I am lucky to have him as my partner in crime when it comes to the photos at Moonlight Beverage. When we work together on shoots, he is the star of the show and I assist with styling.