The new WildFlower collection arrives and it’s simply stunning. Bravo and a spectacular product designed, color selections and embedded consciousness into the branding. Who ever did the packaging and conceptualized the collection identity is enlightened. Very fun opening the rarity of such exquisitely well designed branding.
— Spencer Barnes, Julianne Hough's Makeup Artist

Wildflower Collection, Fall 2017

for Sigma Beauty

I had the honor of being the featured artist selected to create the direction, art and packaging for this collection with Sigma Beauty. Initially, they presented me with the raw makeup samples that would be included in the collection and asked I give it an essence. From there, I researched season trends and created various art direction proposals based on them. Much to my delight, they selected the 'moody florals' option. Although oil paint is my medium of choice for fine art, we agreed watercolors lent itself best to invoke the feeling of both innocence and brooding.

watercolors lent itself best to invoke the feeling of both innocence and brooding

Prior to this project I had limited experience with watercolors, and willingly expanded my knowledge and technical ability to execute it properly. I presented several pieces of art as options and Amanda Williams, the Creative Director, chose one. She used it as inspiration for the names of the products as well as the collection, Wildflower.

Once the art was selected I created mockups of the packaging and upon receiving approval began building the files for production. When those files were on their way one of the photographers, Antonio Rodriguez, and I constructed the set for the photoshoot. This entailed the art be painted at a much larger scale which requires much different techniques. With Antonio's set building knowledge and my experience with various mediums, we were able to select materials (chipboard and house paint) that once photographed would imitate large scale watercolor (at a fraction of the cost). See a behind the scenes glimpse at the process here.

When all the photos had been shot and edited I created all of the promotional materials.

At the time of it's release it was one of Sigma Beauty's most popular collections.